Let’s talk Tinder

OK so unless you’ve been living under a rock for some time, you will have heard about the dating app Tinder.  How it works is this: you judge a potential match based on their profile photos (and possibly a vague, irrelevant tag line) by swiping right for yes or left for no.  If both parties have mutually liked one another, a match is made and 90% of the time that’s it.  No one actually messages each other, it’s like a Mexican stand-off as to who will write first.  And so you keep on playing i.e. swiping as fast as your thumb will allow.

I have a love-hate relationship with Tinder… well mostly hate tbh.  I have deleted and re-downloaded it about 5 times over the space of a year and a half.  Why do I keep getting lured back?  I’ll tell you.  A few of my close friends have met partners through Tinder and are still happily together.  This small percentage of successful interactions keeps the dream alive for me.  Maybe it’ll be different this time?  But it never is.

We are living in such a fickle generation where everyone is waiting for the next best thing.  We as a society have been geared to always be chasing instant gratification.  Hungry?  Order food to your door.  Bored?  Stream movies (porn) right to your tv or laptop.  Need something new but can’t afford it?  Credit cards!

Enter Tinder; dating takeaway!  Why go out to a bar and be rejected publicly when you can do it within the safety of your home – it’s far more efficient and far less humiliating.  Better yet – it’s free!  I liken Tinder to watching Foxtel; you find something that you could be okay watching, but you keep flicking just in case something better is on.  Why settle when you have a million channels to choose from? I find online dating tedious and quite frankly, boring!  Being asked how my day was, or better yet, how was work, does nothing to get my fires burning.  Unless it’s my rage fire.

Via giphy.com
Via giphy.com

But yet the hope remains that I will someday come across someone who doesn’t open with the word, “Hey” or “What’s your Snapchat so I can send you a dick pic?”

Well there it is, my first post done and dusted.  Stay tuned, I’m just getting started 😉

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