Why hello there!  Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog 🙂  It has been written to commemorate and commiserate my time as a 30 year old single gal, but above all to share the humour and horror one goes through when braving Sydney’s dating scene.  So, in a way I guess this is like cheap therapy for me, talking about it, getting it off my chest etc., and those reading (hopefully) get a lol or two.  Everyone’s a winner!

I know I speak for a lot of women out there when I say that dating can be an absolute freak show.  Online or otherwise (hang on is there such thing as non-online dating these days?) the stories I have been privy to, you couldn’t make up if you tried!  I have therefore compiled these stories (both mine and others, male and female) which will primarily make up the content of my blog.  Reader’s discretion is advised!  I don’t even know at this point how censored or uncensored these stories are going to be so hopefully none of it will damage my reputation for life.  On that note, if any of you would like to get involved in the story sharing please contact me at claudsvscupid@gmail.com.  No spam please, my penis is as enlarged as it will ever be.  Also readers please note this blog is best viewed in Chrome – I just had a look at it via Explorer and it looks like someone took a dump on it.

Happy reading!

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